Third floor, Pathology / Microbiology Building, Old Mulago Hill Road +256 414 541 830

Short Courses

1- A One year Bioinformatics, Computational and Molecular Epidemiology Training in TB and HIV in Uganda Mentorship program

2- Introduction to Bioinformatics and Next Generation Sequencing techniques workshop

3- Host pathogens interactions and basic bioinformatics; a Global Infectious Diseases Research Program

4- The 3-months’ online H3ABioNet – Introduction to Bioinformatics course (IBT)

5- Alliance for Global Health and Science and Makerere University – Bioinformatics Summer Workshops

6- Bioinformatics and Next Generation Sequencing internships for graduate students, and general trainees

7- Molecular Diagnostics in the Tropics

8- Diagnostic Immunology

9- Recombinant DNA Technology

10- Summer courses for Molecular Diagnostics and Immunology

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